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We’ve had some great news articles posted in the last week, covering our world premiere in Atlanta, and the fringe festival in general. Take a peek and these posts and learn a little more about the show!

This show gives audiences a chance to experience a story that’s been misunderstood, misused, and misinterpreted for thousands of years. Even scholars who’ve studied Ecclesiastes have disagreements about its meaning or why it’s even in the Bible. I don’t fully understand it! And yet, Ecclesiastes is everywhere around us, a tiny sliver of the bestselling book of all time. The script for Meaningless is, essentially, a word-for-word performance of Ecclesiastes from a modern translation. No commentary, no proselytizing–just a big old monologue that’s interesting, funny, and strange.

The Buzz Intro Interview

Ecclesiastes is considered a controversial book by many Jewish and Christian scholars. It contains ideas that sometimes seem at odds with mainstream religious ideas. From wisdom to foolishness, suffering, and pleasure, Ecclesiastes tackles it all. “Meaningless” is performed by Oklahoma City-based actor Rodney Brazil. Whether you are religious or not, you’ll be intrigued by this 2000-year-old meditation on the human experience, performed live in Atlanta for the first time ever.


Many of Atlanta’s favorite events are slated to return this year after the long pandemic hiatus. We’ve rounded up a variety of the festivals happening this month and in early June that you can add to your calendar… Audiences are invited to connect with adventurous artists May 16-22 at locations in Little Five Points and Candler Park. 

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