3 Ways to Live Life to the Fullest – Lessons Learned From Chasing The Wind

Life is a journey. And it’s one that we always want to keep moving forward, but avoid chasing the wind. There’s always something new to learn and see no matter what age you are. We may be miles from where we started, but the further we get, the more we realize how much we still have left to go. But sometimes, it can be hard to remember that life is a journey and not a destination. This can lead us to forfeit our own plans and start living in the past or the future. So let us remind you of three lessons learned from chasing the wind.

I observed everything going on under the sun, and really, it is all meaningless—like chasing the wind. 

– Ecclesiastes

Life is a journey

As mentioned before, life is a journey, not a destination. We should always be moving forward. That’s a theme repeated again and again in Ecclesiastes. It doesn’t mean that we need to live in the moment and never plan ahead, but it does require us to remember that our plans are just that: plans. They don’t need to control our lives and dictate our every move. We can always change them as needed, even if it means waiting a little while before pursuing something else.

We don’t remember what happened in the past, and in future generations, no one will remember what we are doing now.

– Ecclesiastes

The past and future are just distractions

There are times when our minds will wander to the past or future. This can be a good thing, as it allows us to reflect on what we’ve already accomplished and what’s yet to come. But there are also times when thoughts of the past or future serve as a distraction, getting in the way of living in the present moment.

If you find yourself thinking about where you’ll be in 10 years, do your best to force yourself back into your current situation. While this isn’t verbatim advice extracted from Ecclesiastes, it’s certainly implied. Think about what you’re doing right now, who you’re with, and how that makes you feel. Dwelling too much on the past or future will only hold you back from living life to its fullest today.

So I came to hate life because everything done here under the sun is so troubling. Everything is meaningless—like chasing the wind.

– Ecclesiastes

We can’t control everything in life, so don’t worry about it too much 

This is one of the biggest lessons learned from Ecclesiastes’ references to chasing the wind. We can’t control everything in life, so don’t worry about it too much. We CAN control our outlook on life and how we respond to the things that happen to us.

When we worry about things like the future or what could go wrong, it’s really easy to get caught up in our thoughts until they start controlling us and making us feel down or depressed. But if instead of worrying about what might happen in the future, we take a deep breath and focus on what’s going on right now – all that could be happening for us – then, chances are, we will find ourselves feeling very grateful for our lives.

Drawing of leaves and the wind


We have a finite amount of time on this earth. If you’re waiting for the perfect time to start living life, it will have come and gone before you know it. The past and future are just distractions that make us feel like we’re not truly living. The happiest times in life are fully engaged in the present moment.

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