Ecclesiastes is meaningless?

The most controversial book of the Bible is now a live show! See why Ecclesiastes has fascinated everyone from Shakespeare to Samuel Beckett in this funny and poignant stage adaptation. After struggling to find meaning in the world, The Teacher reveals his hard-learned and unexpected answers to life’s big questions. From concubines to snake charming, he’s here to explain the meaningless existence of everything under the sun. Religious or not, you’ll be intrigued by this mystifying 2222ish-year-old text.

A man stands in front of a winding road.

“Everything is wearisome beyond description.”

– Ecclesiastes

From page to stage

This solo show is performed as written in the Bible, in a word-for-word stage adaptation from the New Living Translation. The NLT uses modern English, translated from the ancient texts by 90 leading scholars.

Controversial, but still here!

Ecclesiastes is considered a controversial book by both Jewish and Christian scholars. It contains ideas that seem at odds with many mainstream teachings. But still, it’s here and it’s canon!

Everyting is meaningless

From wisdom to foolishness, suffering, and the meaning of life, Ecclesiastes tackles it all. Whether you are religious or not, you’ll be intrigued by this centuries-old meditation performed live at a fringe festival near you.

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